Marissa Hutter


My journey to holistic health began 15 years ago, when despite my healthy lifestyle and all my best efforts, I was struggling with chronic fatigue. I knew something was definitely wrong, but I wasn't "sick" as our society would define it. I was frustrated that I was tired all the time, but blamed it on a busy work schedule. I didn't realize my body was trying to communicate a deeper message. When I was introduced to Ayurveda, I felt a sigh of relief- I finally understood what my symptoms really meant. Learning my particular body type, my unique tendencies, and what foods and nutrients I was deficient in, allowed my symptoms to fade with ease. No longer was my body holding me back. My energy increased, my hormones and mood stabilized, and I was able to live with vitality and joy again.

I understand every human is a work in progress– myself included. I am a work in progress. I don't expect my clients to give up coffee or alcohol for good, or wake up at 5 am daily to meditate and journal. My commitment to you is to help you reach a place of empowerment. A place where you are confident and in control of your health– forever. Ayurveda has transformed my health and revealed a deep desire to share this ancient wisdom with others.

Through my 1:1 coaching, seasonal group cleanses, and retreats, I hope to contribute to a culture that prioritizes optimal health, wellness, and disease prevention over quick-fixes.


Joyful Belly (AHC), UC Santa Cruz (M.Ed.), Institute for Integrative Nutrition (Holistic Health Coach), Wanderlust (200 hr TT)


5 years