Kyle Leitzke


As of April 2022 Kyle is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant by AAPNA's standards completing 500 hours of Ayurveda foundations training through the Ayurvedic Living School. Kyle will be a Board Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor through AAPNA by the end of 2022 after completing Ayurveda Psychology through the Ayurvedic Living School.

Kyle's specialty focus uses the wisdom of Ayurveda to support individuals life purpose and dharma. Ayurveda provides a framework for the individuals Kyle supports to understand their unique Prakriti and Vikruti, and thus beneficial lifestyle and dietary habits to maintain balance while pursuing their life purpose.

Kyle's approaches include appropriate dietary, lifestyle, meditation, affirmation/sankalpa, journaling, emotional intelligence, compassionate communication, goal setting, decision making, and habit evolution.

Kyle also has a professional background in coaching, health, and personal development starting in 2009 as a collegiate sport coach, high school PE teacher, and then university academic and career advisor.


Kyle received his MS in Recreation and Sport Coaching from Ohio University in 2013. Kyle also received his preliminary teaching credential in Physical Education (PE) in the state of California through Humboldt State University ion 2015. Kyle received his BA in Sociology with an emphasis in race and gender through Sacramento State University in 2008.

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