Annapurna Darcy DeLyle


Annapurna became interested in Ayurveda when she first saw Deepak Chopra in the late 80s. She followed him and attended his talks. Then went to Egypt on a spiritual journey with him. Ayurveda chose her.
She became interested in health by becoming vegetarian and learning meditation in the 80s. Annapurna learned about massage from her mother's training and became a therapist.
Annapurna has taught yoga and meditation, leading retreats, and teaching Ayurveda while living in an ashram in California since 2007.
Ayurveda drew her in more deeply while living in the bay area and being exposed to teachers like Dr. Frawley and other Indian Vaidyas. She took her training from Kerala Ayurveda Academy and recently finished her clinical internship in Kerala, India.
Annapurna practices on the beautiful island of Maui and has done many consultations online since the pandemic.


Kerala Ayuvreda Academy


16 years Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation

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