Moving into a deeper experience of Embodiment through Embracing Polarity and Owning our Sacred Birthright


Speaker: Vijaya Stern

This presentation will bring one into a more profound ability to articulate Embodiment – Unpack Sankhya to extol the contribution Tanmatra plays in Tantra and Ayurveda.

Surrendering to the Divine is the highest form of healing. It delivers us from being the overflowing bucket to one with the bottom broken through. In that opening we can employ the principle of “Nature abhors a vacuum” to draw Prakriti, our true nature into this beautiful vessel. We then find that the more we empty, the more we fill. And with absolute moment to moment wonder, the Vidya descends. Exercises will be given to facilitate this awareness for not only the Practitioner but also the Rogi.

Access ends July 31, 2023