Comprehensive Approach to Diabetes Management: Ayurvedic Insights and Preventative Protocols – Dr. Gopa Kumar, MD (Ayu), PhD


Speaker Bio: Dr. Gopa Kumar, MD (Ayu), PhD

Topic Description:

Join Dr. Gopa Kumar S, MD(Ayu), PhD in an insightful exploration of Diabetes Mellitus, where he clinically spotlights the progression stages and offers Ayurvedic perspectives on effective management. Delving into practical lifestyle modifications for the pre-diabetic stage, Dr. Kumar addresses the pivotal roles of diet, drugs, and drinks in controlling diabetes, all through the lens of Ayurvedic science. The session extends to preventive protocols against chronic diabetic complications, shedding light on the correct procedures and styles of Panchakarma and Rasayana in diabetic care and cure. Dr. Kumar concludes with an emphasis on the importance of stress management, unraveling its symptoms and providing remedial measures in the context of Diabetes Mellitus.