Master Biz Courses

CAAM is excited to support the Ayurveda community by providing free workshops and business courses for Student and Professional members. Stay connected and be the first to know when business courses and workshops are being offered. 

Simply add your contact and email below to informed on all upcoming workshops and business courses. 

Business Course topics for professionals can be divided into the following broad categories :

Ayurvedic studies
Topics to include:  Ayurveda disease management, case studies, what additional certifications can add value to your business and your clients,  crash courses for past graduates who are not working in Ayurveda but would like to refresh their knowledge.

Business management
Topics to include:  How to make your business viable, know your scope of practice,  create your own online tutorial, organising a retreat, setting up your own brand, setting your mission and vision statement, how to charge confidently,  finding a mentor, being legally responsible, taking a loan, finding an investor, renting an office, collaborating with other practitioners, finding online help for book keeping or personal assistant.

Is starting your own business a good idea ? Sourcing herbs and supplies, Delegating the jobs so you can focus on healing, starting an online business on a budget, choosing the right malpractice insurance, more examples here :

Marketing skills 
Topics to include:  Using social media to market, integrating with other holistic practices, how to create an effective presentation online and offline, digital marketing, How to use infographics to explain what you do, how to setup workshops for corporates, create a corporate wellness plan.

Customer satisfaction building
 Topics to include: Non verbal communication to build confidence with your client, five expected professional behaviors in California, How to adapt to non – Indian clients, client management skills

Doing Seva
Topics to include:  How to setup seva clinics, how to volunteer at a seva clinic, How to volunteer at to mentor new Ayurvedic entrepreneurs

Finding a job in Ayurveda
How to find a job in Ayurveda ?

Community building debate
Open sessions where we will host  get-togethers where people introduce themselves and have some discussion time where everyone gets to share their views on a certain topic pertinent to Ayurvedic practice in California

Courses Details Coming Soon…