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Rashana Rauniar Sharma
Rashana Rauniar Sharma

Dr Rashana R Sharma (B.H.M.S, CCH,AWP) is a Homeopathic doctor, an Ayurvedic practitioner and a Reiki Master. She is the founder / director of Chetna Center for Health and Wellness located in San Ramon, CA. She graduated from Delhi University after completing a full-time medical degree course which included Homeopathic Philosophy and Therapeutics along with all the subjects of a conventional medical degree course. After coming to US in 2000, she established as a practitioner of this healing art. Dr Rashana is certified as a Classical Homeopathic Practitioner by the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC), US. She has trained and got certified as Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner (AWP) from Kerala Ayurveda. In her medical career she has assisted many pioneers in the fields of Homeopathy and Ayurveda. Dr Rashana also taught at Ayurvedic College of America.

Usha Nagavarapu
Usha Nagavarapu

I am an Ayurvedic holistic practitioner, a scientist, and a pharmacologist, with a passion to understand the pathophysiology of various diseases, and to help find techniques to maintain and restore them holistically and non-invasively. I am an experienced preclinical and clinical researcher who has managed drug development programs from early discovery through clinical testing. I offer personalized health guidance to people and motivate them to eat smart, be energetic, vivacious, and happy. I do this by combining traditional eastern medicine with doctrines of western science. With an integrative and holistic approach to wellness, my aim is to motivate people to achieve a healthy state of balance where mind, body and consciousness are all aligned.
Founder of Surrasa which provides Ayurvedic consultation services and products that promote natural wellness based on Ayurvedic and other traditional medicine principles. The objective is to provide safer alternative to harsh chemicals and prescription medication.
1.Alternative health and wellness consultations which include both in-person and online. Ayurveda provides individualistic and holistic guidance, bringing changes in lifestyle practices to improve, maintain and sustain physical and mental health.
2.Effective, innovative, and natural skin care products that combat harmful skin conditions.
3.Educational programs via workshops and online education, which contain interviews and talks from Ayurvedic practitioners and skincare professionals including dermatologists. Our focus is to create awareness and a community with the intention of spreading knowledge of Ayurvedic and alternative medicine and to increase access to the benefits of Ayurvedic and natural skin care.
4. Natural Apothecary: Capabilities to formulate herbal formulations, and also provide custom formulations and products