How to Build an Evidence Based Ayurvedic Practice – Dr. Somit Kumar

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Speaker Bio: Dr. Somit Kumar

Top-down pyramid of evidence structure. The presentation would highlight AVP Research Foundation’s efforts to develop evidence at all levels, including case studies, cohort studies, and randomized controlled trials. Practice-based evidence rests on the foundations of the pragmatic clinical trial (PCT), which focuses on the correlation between treatments and outcomes in the framework of real-world Ayurveda health system practices. Documenting existing empirical practises derived from Darshanas (Philosophies), with an unrelenting focus on measuring outcome and causality is the cornerstone of this effort. Documentation and research initiatives of the AVP Research Foundation to make its practice-based evidence initiative more reliable, reproducible, and applicable in personalized, preventative, predictive, and participatory integrative medicine would be presented. Case studies on the treatment of diabetes and its complications like Chronic diabetic foot ulcer, insights from prospective controlled cohort studies on musculoskeletal diseases, and results from RCTs on Rheumatoid Arthritis will be discussed.

Recordings available until May 31, 2024