The education committee monitors the standards of education that caam Ayurveda professional members have when practicing in California. They also qualify continuing education providers and set the minimum requirements for ceus for all professional members of caam so that the professional members continue to enhance their standards and skills in the practice of Ayurveda. Our committee welcomes volunteers interested in education, organization, while supporting and maintaining a high standard of practice.

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Dr. Namyata Pathak

Educational Committee Chair


Dr Anupama Kizhakkeveettil

Legal, Ethics & Insurance Committee Chair


The ethics committee is responsible for educating caam members and the California Ayurveda professional community to standards of ethical professional practice. This committee had created a standard of  ethics and guiding scope of practice documents. Ethics exams need to be taken every two years to keep up with any changes in laws in the state. The ethics committee reviews these exams and monitors any issues related to ethical behavior of a professional that may be reported to caam. If you have a discerning ability and enjoy this level of participation, do join us and volunteer


The legal committee keeps an eye out for any legislative changes in the state of california that might impact the practice of the profession. caam needs legally skilled people to advise, support the ministering of professional skills as well as those enjoying surfing the web for legal news! 




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CAAM events committee is devoted to creating an exciting and interactive community of ayurveda professionals, students, educational institutions, and related organizations and the public. Our goal is to create opportunities for net-working, education and provide supportive tools for a successful practice through forums, webinars and live events. We strive to promote the awareness of ayurveda in the public while growing the ayurvedic profession advancing its trust and credibility both within the profession as well as with other healthcare professions and the public.

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Mamta Landerman

Events Committee Chair

Mila Grass

Marketing Committee Chair


CAAM’s marketing committee strives daily to highlight our community contributions and to support the strength and growth of Ayurveda. Our purpose is to bring forth the caam personality and provide awareness of our offerings. Additionally, we aim to support and inspire each ayurvedic professional with relevant tools, topics, and the motivation necessary to build and carry-on a successful practice in the state of California.


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The membership committee is home to all our professionals, educational institutions, affiliate sister organizations, and allied professional members.  Our goal is to bring the Ayurvedic community together to facilitate networking opportunities and professional support. We welcome passionate and dedicated volunteers to come help safeguard the Ayurvedic profession, help qualify member applications, and be part of a tight team.  We provide new exciting offers to empower Professionals and help shape a great future for the profession of Ayurveda and holistic health care in California. 

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Heidi Hooper

Membership Committee Chair


The volunteer committee exists to support CAAM’s mission by enlisting and supporting an engaged and active pool of volunteers. Its function includes working with committees to understand their needs, finding applicants and supporting them to find the perfect volunteer niche for them. further, the volunteer committee coordinates ongoing communication and connection for current volunteers.

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Mary Thompson

Mary Thompson

Volunteer Committee Chair


The Conference Committee concentrates on this one Event each year. It is responsible for all phases of the design and execution of this live event either in person or online. CAAM Produced the first National and then International Ayurveda Conferences held at UC Berkeley from 2001 to 2003. It was the first time the Profession came together and brought Suppliers, Educational Institutions and Professionals together that seeded many Clinics, Schools, Spas and Joint Ventures the results of which are showing their fruits today. CAAM hopes to continue its groundbreaking work for generations to come. We invite participation in our Committee.


All Non-Profit companies have the important Function of Fundraising while Providing a Service to their Communities. The Fundraising Committee strategizes, plans and creates exciting Fundraising Activities, Events and Community Outreach to spread the awareness of Ayurveda while supporting our Ayurvedic Profession in a groundbreaking and inspiring fashion.


The Backbone behind all Companies is the Administrative Strength of the Mission taken to completion. Organizing, Delegation and Filing information in the appropriate Departments. CAAM welcomes your contribution of Talent, Expertise, Time and Guidance that will help our Team and shape our path with consistent Services.