Neti Pot Drop / Handmade Ceramics / Yoga Jala Neti

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Neti pot comes from Ayurveda and yoga medical tradition. It’s used for cleaning the nasal cavity and sinuses with saline solution. Its use can bring relief from effects of polluted air, pollen and dust. People with pollen allergies will find that daily neti pot use eases their symptoms.

This neti pot called Drop got its name from being water drop shaped. Its simple, clean and organic figure combines aesthetics and usefulness. The ergonomic shape without sharp transitions or edges makes it really easy to clean and prevents waste from accumulating inside. Its made from high quality ceramics and glazed with safe glazes.

Neti pot holds 300 ml of liquid.

SIZE: 8 cm (3”) diameter, 16 cm (6.3”) length
WEIGHT: 280 g (0.6 lbs)
FINISH: Smooth
INSTRUCTIONS/CARE: This glaze is dishwasher safe.

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