The Book of Ayurveda : A Holistic Approach to Health and Longevity by Judith Morrison (1995, Trade Paperback)

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  • Beautifully repackaged and completely redesigned, this practical guide to the ancient Indian healing system of Ayurveda has been a popular reference since its 1995 publication. Ayurveda offers personalized ways to achieve and maintain long-term wellness based on your unique combination of fundamental energies. In an accessible, practical format, The Book of Ayurveda unlocks the secrets of health and longevity by exploring the influence of these vital energies on your physical and emotional wellbeing and offers a lifestyle guide designed to maximize health, longevity, and enjoyment of living.     According to Ayurveda, it is the imbalance of your vital energies that leads to the development of disease. The Book of Ayurveda offers suggestions on how to tailor your diet and daily routine to balance your energies and achieve physical equilibrium and harmony. Included is a chart indicating foods that can pacify or aggravate your constitution, conditions and diseases to which you are specifically prone, and holistic techniques-such as meditation, herbology, and massage-that can soothe and balance.


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  • Author
    Judith Morrison
  • Publication Name
    Book of Ayurveda : a Holistic Approach to Health and Longevity
  • Format
    Trade Paperback
  • Language
  • Publication Year
  • Number of Pages
    192 Pages


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    18.8 Oz

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    Ra776.95.M67 1995
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    Alternative Therapies, Healing / Energy (Qigong, Reiki, Polarity), Alternative & Complementary Medicine, Healthy Living, Healing / Prayer & Spiritual
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  • Illustrated
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    Body, Mind & Spirit, Health & Fitness, Medical



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