CAAM’s Herb Alert to Ayurveda Community!!!

It has come to our attention that there are third party suppliers smuggling medicinal herbs back to the United States. These can be to Practitioners, or to lay people that order online and get herbs shipped directly over to them. Sometimes Practitioners visiting India bring them back in their personal suitcases.

What you need to know:

The Indian Government requires all Herbal companies before import, to get their products tested by a third party for heavy metals and toxins. Coming into the US they need to be FDA compliant and into California, Prop. 65 Compliant. Look for these labels. NOTE: Herbs sold within India do NOT have the same stipulations.

There have already been cases in Australia and Canada where there was lead poisoning and the whole Ayurveda Profession suffered as import of all Ayurveda Herbs was stopped in Australia. CAAM does not support acquiring herbs this way. It is important you get your herbs and formulations from a responsible company, who is compliant with all the Federal,

State and Local regulations. Please get your supplies directly from the Company and not a third party supplier.

The last thing you want to do is promise natural health practices and supply toxic herbs. It will cost you in the long run, so:

  • Practitioners, please protect your clients and protect yourself and your Ayurvedic Practice.
  • All Consumers, check the source and compliance of the products you buy.
  • All ayurvedic Herbal Pharmaceutical Companies, please provide full disclosure and meet with the proper regulations and labeling laws where all preservatives, additives and ingredients are listed.

Stay safe and aware.

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