THRYV with CAAM presents:

Embodying Entrepreneurship: A Step-By-Step Guide to a Successful Ayurveda Practice

Merge the heart and the head to create a successful, consciousness-based Ayurvedic Business. 

with Marilyn Allen, MA

8:00am-9:30am PT


  • Interactive online support throughout the program in a community forum. 
  • Inspire and support one another, ask questions, and find accountability partners!

“A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart.”  Jonathan Smith

To be a practitioner in Ayurvedic Medicine is a special calling.

It also takes many ideas and sources to create a path to success. One size does not fit all – You can create your own definition of SUCCESS. Finding your passion, taking responsibility, changing your thinking, creating your game plan, taking risk, challenging yourself, getting ready and financial stability all contribute to enjoying your work and your life. Join us and work together to create a cycle of success for yourself, your association and your profession.

You’ve invested time and money into gaining the knowledge and certification…Now it’s time to take the next step and launch your Ayurvedic Business successfully!

Join us for this special Member Only program.

TIME: First Tuesday of the month, 8 AM – 9:30 AM Pacific Time for 1.5 Hours of Instruction and Discussion (additional Q&A sessions every other Tuesday will be offered in between classes)

GOAL: To provide participants with the knowledge needed to develop, launch, and market their individual Ayurveda Business/Practice.

Embodying Entrepreneurship: A Step-By-Step Guide to a Successful Ayurveda Practice

This is a robust step by step program designed to help new Ayurveda Counselors and Practitioners begin their entrepreneurial journey, providing practical resources and guidance which will allow them to truly live their dharma through launching and running a professional and financially viable Ayurveda Business.


  • Design a successful consciousness-based Ayurveda Business/Practice that honors body, mind, and soul for both practitioner and client that is also legal and ethical.
  • Learn best practices on how to properly navigate electronic record keeping.
  • Get updates on and learn how to navigate HIPPA regulations, agreements and more.
  • Learn how to Brand and Market their businesses in a way that is aligned with their dharma in order to inform their community of the healing services they offer.
  • Develop the business skills to budget and effectively handle the financial aspects of running an Ayurveda Business/Practice.
  • Be a part of the CAAM Member Online Community. Meet others on the same journey, share progress and challenges, ask questions, make new friends and colleagues, while we walk hand in hand with you as your mentors.

Taking these steps together successfully through CAAM helps build the overall ayurvedic profession while you are supported in your individual journey.

We will be with you every step of the way!

A little about Marilyn Allen, MA

Marilyn Allen has been teaching at Traditional Chinese Medicine schools for over 40 years and now brings her expertise to Ayurveda.

She has been the United States representative to the World Health Organization (WHO) since 2005. This journey has helped to establish a set of diagnostic codes for Traditional Medicine. These codes were released in February 2022. At the beginning of this process, WHO said that Traditional Medicine would be the first to have a set of Diagnostic codes and that Acupuncture was opening the door for Complementary medicine.

Ayurveda is the next discipline of medicine to establish a set of diagnostic codes to be included in the International Family of Classifications. This is happening now! (Learn more about this throughout the course)

She also serves as the Editor of “Acupuncture Today” and teaches Practice Management classes in numerous Acupuncture schools across the US. Marilyn also currently works in the Complementary Healthcare Malpractice Insurance Industry and designed a very comprehensive Malpractice Insurance Policy offered to CAAM Members. Click here for details on Malpractice Insurance.

Program Schedule

Each online monthly meeting will be held online the first Tuesday of the month from 8 AM to 9:30 AM Pacific Time. Marilyn will speak for about 45 minutes on a topic and then the next 45 minutes will be Q&A as well as open discussion.

PLUS 3 BONUS MEETINGS! We have designed this 12-month program for new Ayurvedic Professionals and established Professionals that would like to expand their businesses. Through development discussions we have come to the conclusion that new professionals would appreciate a little more ground work. To make sure we are serving everyone we have decided to add 3 bonus meetings to the beginning of the course! These will be offered at no additional charge and will be open to all members. The topics covered during the bonus offering will be expanded upon further during the program. This will also be a chance to review the schedule of topics as a group and determine if anything should be added before we get going. 

Everyone’s voice is important!

All participants will walk away from each meeting with actionable steps needed to build their Ayurvedic Business or Practice. Participants will also have 24/7 access to the CAAM Member Online Community where they can work through each step of the program, ask each other questions, workshop ideas, and get guidance from mentors. 

If you miss a class or start late, don’t worry! The recording links will be shared with participants after so that you can go back and review.

September 5th, 2023 8AM-9:30AM PST

BONUS MEETING #1: Ayurveda: The Healing Revolution

Join us for this first meeting where we delve into the bigger picture of the Ayurvedic landscape, understanding its current transformative impact and global relevance. Discover why launching your Ayurveda business is so important, as we witness an empowering movement towards holistic wellness and an increasing demand for ancient healing practices. Embrace the opportunity to contribute to this grand paradigm shift and make a meaningful difference through your entrepreneurial journey in Ayurveda. We will also discuss the current slate of meetings so that we can adjust and ensure that what we have planned is what you need to thrive.

October 3rd, 2023 8AM-9:30AM PST

BONUS MEETING #2: Starting to think like an Entreprenuer

Learn how to think and act like a seasoned entrepreneur, equipping yourself with the diverse skill sets needed to bring your business idea to life. Most of us won’t have a big budget for Design, Branding, and Marketing our new businesses. Let’s explore how to find and use free resources to bring our businesses to the world. 

November 7th, 2023 8AM-9:30AM PST

BONUS MEETING #3: Strategist Business Essentials

Identify your business goals, define your specialized area of focus, and understand the unique needs of your clients. Gain the insights and strategies necessary to thrive in the Ayurveda industry and effectively cater to your clients’ specific requirements.

December – No meeting during December so that we can all spend time with family for the holiday

January 2nd, 2024 8AM-9:30AM PST

1.  Mindset Regarding Undertaking the Journey of the Head and the Heart. Both your Head and your Heart are in different areas of your business.

  • What do you know, what are your talents?
  • What do you not know and need to learn?
  • Where are you going to learn it?

Get the tools to explore your: vision, lifestyle and your goals.

Learn how to put it down on paper and break it down into actionable items.

February 6th, 2024 8AM-9:30AM PST

2.  Branding and Marketing Kick Off: 

Branding, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations –  Your CV and Communication Packet, and Social Media.

March 5th, 2024 8AM-9:30AM PST

3. Setting up an Accountability Partner and Creating a Business Plan

How and what to write and who should see it? Capture the Vision in your Heart and let the abilities in your Head transform your vision into a reality that can be a living experience and service to those who visit you. Who should see it? How to determine your goals and create the roadmap to get there. Create the mindset and then the pathway of measurable items so you stay on track.

April 2nd, 2024 8AM-9:30AM PST

4.  Budget and Financial:  Both Personal and Business Budgets. How to set your fees and the mindset to ask for it. Finances are energy in your physical form. Learn to measure if you are on track or need to borrow one more time from either someone you know or your other businesses and funds. Learn how to make the Business self sustainable.

May 7th, 2024 8AM-9:30AM PST

5.  Paperwork or Information that Must be Collected. HIPAA, the how and what. We are part of a greater whole. Organizations set up in the government to safeguard the Consumer from exploitation. Healthcare has higher standards. Learn the requirements, tools and forms that are mandatory for all healthcare practitioners.

June 4th, 2024 8AM-9:30AM PST

6. Delivering the Report of Findings to your Patient and/or Family Members. What to include in your Report of Findings and How you communicate it. All clients and patients coming to Ayurveda are familiar with the terminology. We have to explain things to them in a way that they can understand and use the knowledge when they leave our office. This is a mandatory requirement. Come and learn about how best to do this.

July 2nd, 2024 8AM-9:30AM PST

7.  Safety- Managing your Elements of Risk, both Personal and in your Business. Understanding OSHA, ADA and the Joint Commission. These requirements are for the protection of the Consumer and you as a practitioner need to get into the mindset of how to protect yourself while following these guidelines.

August 6th, 2024 8AM-9:30AM PST

8.  The Mindset of Working with Other Professionals. Networking and  practicing the legal request of health Records from other Practitioners they are seeing. Do you request medical records for your patients? If not, WHY not? A list of 25+ reasons WHY to request records. A continuation of our discussion on sending for medical records.

September 3rd, 2024 8AM-9:30AM PST

9.  Interfacing Documentation with Medical Records. Documentation creates credibility and respect for the Ayurvedic medicine and the trained providers. Discussing Benjamin Bloom and the classification of intellectual behavior that is important in learning. We will also discuss the four sections of documentation and how to write them.

October 1st, 2024 8AM-9:30AM PST

10.  Ethics: 10 Boundaries Not to Cross. Why TM providers are held  to higher standards. Working within your Scope and Ethics for an Ayurveda Professional.

November 5th, 2024 8AM-9:30AM PST

11.  cGMP and HERBS. Herbs are a very important part of the work that we we do. The regulations around Herbs are constantly changing and it is important for the Professional to be up on them so they can freely practice and offer their services.

December 3rd, 2024 8AM-9:30AM PST

12.  Leadership and YOU

Invest in your business, Invest in yourself

You have invested in your education, and it’s time to share what you’ve learned with the world through your unique business!

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