Breakthroughs for CAAM Members with“Ayurveda Business & Lifestyle Design” Course:

Listen Up CAAM Members!! As you may know CAAM partnered with Bill Hershey to host an amazing business course. As we are towards the end of the course there have been some groundbreaking experiences for the participants! They covered marketing strategies, discovering your personal ayurvedic niche, how to identify your demographics, and importantly how to create a business and financial plan you can follow. All this based on Ayurveda and a lifestyle you want to create!

Here’s what is being said about the Ayurveda Business Lifestyle Design Course

“I’m truly grateful that I was able to take advantage of this amazing opportunity, this course has provided me with the tools I need to set the foundation to start my Ayurvedic Practice, the weekly zoom meetings has allowed me to be self engaged with the course activities and to put the lessons to action so that I can have a successful Ayurveda Practice.

And most important the self validation and clarity to move forward with my purpose in Ayurveda” M.N.M

No need to worry!! In 2023 CAAM plans to offer various forms of business support to our members, so be on the alert for our announcements!

We’re in a season that’s shifting towards integrative medicine and it’s time for the Ayurveda community to come together and make our mark in the world, so let’s take advantage of this great opportunity when CAAM offers it again.

Remember ! you are the unified authority. It all begins and ends with you. Only you can decide whether you will be successful because only you know what success means to you. This opportunity will allow you to network with other like minded Ayurveda Professionals and learn how we can grow our services together. Time to strategize and implement action. More than ever, the would needs your services!


Note: you must be a CAAM member to take advantage of this great opportunity.

To become a member join here:

Membership annual rates:

Students: $25, Counselor: $49, Practitioner and above: $99

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