Become a CAAM Continuing Education Provider

Purpose and Intent

CAAM’s Continuing Education Units (CEU) serves to advance the standards of on-going education and practice for the Ayurveda Profession in California. Ayurveda professionals and educators interested in offering CAAM-approved Continuing Education Units such as, trainings, workshops, seminars and intensive are welcomed to apply to become a CAAM CE Provider. 

CEU Provider Requirements & Costs

Be a Professional or Organizational Member of CAAM
A minimum of three years experience as an Ayurvedic professional

Apply to teach programs at or below their level of expertise
Pay application fee and program review fees:

• $50 provider application fee

• $25 annual renewal fee after first year

• $50 program review fee per program submitted for approval 

*CAAM Educational Members are pre-approved as a CE Providers and do not need to apply. However, their CEU course will need to be a CAAM approved program.

Criteria for Accepting CEU Providers

● Once approved, providers must submit their program(s) for review and approval and pay the $50 review fee per program the provider wants approved and listed on CAAM’s website.  

● CAAM approved Educational Institution Members with reviewed AHC or AP programs are automatically approved as continuing education providers. However, they will have to provide the required fee for CEU program review by CAAM and a $25 annual renewal fee per CEU program after the first year. 

● Organizational Members without a Program listing on CAAM’s website who wish to have programs approved for Continuing Ayurvedic Education must submit their program(s) for review and pay the $50 review fee per program.

Continuing Ayurvedic Education Program Formats

● The length of all Continuing Ayurvedic Education programs may last a few hours, a full day or multiple days in the following formats: 
• Live/In-Person 
• Online through provider’s platform 

● Approved Continuing Ayurvedic Education providers will set the price of the programs they present at their venues or online through their own platforms.

● CAAM sets the number of applicable Continuing Ayurvedic Education credits per program. CAAM members must register directly with the provider to attend the program.

● All Continuing Ayurvedic Education providers providing programs live or on their own online platform must submit the names of all CAAM member attendees to CAAM within 21 days of the program completion.